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four chunky silver rings

I'm a maker

Despite the name of my store I've always struggled to call myself or accept I'm an 'artist'. 

I'm a maker - I make things - I've made things for as long as I can remember and I will likely make things until I can't.

All I hope is that some of you out there will love the things I make as much as I love making them.

four chunky silver rings and a silver chain

Although I flit between all sorts of disciplines, there are three main materials that I will always love - wood / metal / stones. The jewellery making fulfils working with all three. I like chunky jewellery and both the precision of casting as well as the chaos created by adding rock salt into the casting process - giving structured yet natural forms.

I'm a self-taught 'maker' - I like to learn as I go - which can be frustrating when you make obvious mistakes that thousands before you have made - but not only is it rewarding when you are successful you also approach making something with an enthusiastic naivety like, "yeah, why CAN'T you do it like that?" And although there will be multiple times when the reason you DON'T do 'it' like that becomes obvious you can also possibly - hopefully - break some new ground - discover some 'new' or unappreciated 'thing'.

I inherited a love for woodworking from one granddad and a love of stones from the other.

Not sure where the love of jewellery making comes from but I've done that since I was teen, making 'surfer' like beaded bracelets.  I've only been sand casting with silver a short time but working with silver is something I have immediately fallen in love with and there is so much I want to create (want to make brooches popular... who wears a brooch anymore!)

I haven't worked many stones or much wood into my jewellery projects yet but it is something I am looking to do more often. Along with adding lost-wax casting to my skillset to be able to create more intricate pieces of silver jewellery.

Also, Free Palestine.


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